We arrange timely and effective medical staffing solutions for the NHS, Ministry of Defence, Out of Hours establishments and HM Prisons, nationwide. From formal contracts and preferred supplier arrangements, through to one-off last minute emergency cover, we provide the locum General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Pharmacy Technicians and Psychiatrists, that help our clients confidently maintain the healthcare services their patients demand.

So that you and your patients can be sure our clinicians are fully competent, our compliance department keeps up to date with the documents and certificates that we hold on file for all of our locums. Regular checks are made to Primary Care Trusts, General Medical Council, Health Professional Council and other relevant bodies to ensure that our candidate's registrations are current. In addition, all our locums hold enhanced CRB Disclosures, have evidence of Hepatitis B immunisation, as well as other necessary immunisations.

Getting to know you and the way you like to work has been one of the special features that have set us apart from other agencies. Whenever possible, we visit our clients to build strong and enduring relationships, and help us understand the differing working environments and special requirements of each sector we serve.

To maintain high quality we carry out frequent service checks to ensure our locums meet your expectations and we encourage client feedback, which helps us to continually improve our service.

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