Managed Service Solution

In recent months, a number of our key clients and customers have begun to take advantage of our managed service offering, a working model that moves away from traditional agency recruitment and allows us to identify and meet specific recruitment needs you may have at a very competitive price.

Our approach is designed to provide you with an efficient and effective long term solution, working in partnership, to achieve your staffing objectives.  Our designated consultants will establish and develop meaningful, two way relationships with key members of your team to thoroughly understand your needs and to design an exclusive solution for your organisation. Essential components of our service are recruitment, rate negotiation and compliance checking of locums, management of your rota gaps, timesheet validation and raising of self billing invoices on behalf of your locums.

Our fees are at a contracted and fixed hourly rate which is independent of any rate of pay agreed and paid between you and your locum.

Our managed service is based on you directly engaging and paying locums, introduced by us. This recognises that the fundamental nature of Med-Co’s service is that of introductory and related management services.  Our managed services fee will be subject to Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate. The locum’s charge, direct to you for their clinical services, will be exempt from VAT.

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