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To start working for Med-Co, simply fill in the form below, request a call back or phone one of our REC qualified consultants. We will let you know the types of assignments we have available in your area. Naturally, we'll need to get the paperwork right but our compliance team will guide you through this process.

We'll introduce ourselves and get to know you... we'll find out your personal preferences, take note of your preferred means of contact and regularly keep up to date with your current situation. Our bespoke in-house recruitment system allows us to store your availability and preferences so that we offer you only the assignments that will suit you.

With knowledgeable recruiters, excellent pay rate, a wide choice of assignments and a personalised service, Med-Co will go the extra mile to give you the service you deserve.  For Primary Care locums, Med-Co is the only choice - You know you're worth it!

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