We strive to work with the whole team to ensure the most effective and appropriate deployment of skills.





Clinicians tend to see people at the most vulnerable points in their lives. As such, their quality and expertise is key.




Our dedicated team has a wide variety of clinical experience to draw on, with a broad range of qualifications suited to this specialist working environment (eg. substance misuse, mental health, etc).



Our team members are empathetic, patient-centred, and constantly strive to improve standards within the healthcare environment. Many of our clinicians split their time between prison and community work to give them a balanced perspective on healthcare needs, as well as being able to bring best practice from each environment to their roles.


All of our GPs are used to working in a multidisciplinary environment. Our doctors work effectively as part of this team, working alongside, rather than independently to, the nurses, mental health and IDTS teams and any other member of the team, no matter whether they are provided by Med-Co or not. We do understand, however, that doctors are not always the most appropriate or cost effective person for a given task. We strive to work with the whole team to ensure the most effective and appropriate deployment of skills.



We have robust clinical governance policies, and all members of the team, have a personal input at every stage of the process. The CEO and Clinical Director is always contactable should there be serious concerns regarding quality of service and clinical governance issues.



Trends in adverse incidents are constantly monitored and education provided where needed.

Our GP teams are at the core of our service provision and they are involved at every step in the development of our services. To this end it is vital to form a close knit team, avoiding clinical isolation, with each member able to pass on their own areas of expertise and interest via our staff away days, in-house training and on line forum. Every member of staff is involved with continued professional development using a variety of media, such as training videos, one of which can be seen on this page.



We also need to engage with our patients, whatever environment they be from. In each of our locations we roll out a number of different engagement strategies, including patient groups, continued satisfaction feedback, suggestion boxes, health promotion events, etc.



The patient is foremost in our mind in every aspect of practice development, from access to care to patient education. Our experienced, innovative team constantly look at improving the care of their patients, both in terms of clinical standards and cost-effectiveness.

Members of our team have been involved with a number of different innovations, including development of Readcode formularies, redesigns of incident reporting processes, introduction of telemedicine into the prison environment, LEAN efficiency reports, management consultancy and development of prison-specific QOF indicators.


All of our innovations put the patient first, but do so in an uncomplicated, cost effective way

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