Week 5 in Kenya...

Week 5

Been an eventful week both in terms of work and play. On Saturday Nanyuki was visited by the Masai Cricket Warriors. They are a local cricket team who play in full Masai Warrior traditional dress (albeit with the addition of gloves and pads). They are about to tour the UK so were having a last minute fund raiser, complete with cricket match and an evening of traditional dancing and food. The spit-roasted goat was to die for!

They then finished off the night with the Nanyuki finals of Miss Kenya.
I think that was the highlight of the evening for some of the cricketers! Masai Warrior cricketer

The evenings festivities were held at the (in)famous Sportsman's Arms. This hotel hosts a weekly club night every Saturday until 4am with some of Kenya's top DJs. Entry is less than a pound, but keep an eye on your drinks and your wallet!

Work has been quite busy, but midway through the week there was a sharp reminder that the clinic is in a remote environment with limited back up. A power surge managed to fry the computer server in the medical centre. This in turn wiped all the patient data on the electronic record system. Thankfully we created a back up disc less than 24 hours before, however at the moment we have nothing to re-upload the data to while we wait for a new server to be sent from the UK.

Whilst moving furniture to get to the server we also found that termites had completely eaten away the supports for the floor. Thankfully there was an empty building in the other camp 2 miles away, so Friday was spent turning the empty guardroom into a makeshift medical centre. It is basic, but within a few hours we had created a full clinic and trauma bay from scratch.

Come Monday, the new clinic will be put through its paces. makeshift medical centre
At the moment we do not know how long we will have to stay in this building. Could be weeks, but it could also be months depending on the speed of the local builders.

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