Busting those all-too-common Out of Hours myths!



When thinking of general practice work in Out of Hours environments, is this what you picture? Overworked, understaffed, night shifts? Hopefully we can change your perception by challenging these myths that are commonly associated with Out of Hours.


Myth #1 – ‘As a GP, you are working on your own in Out of Hours’ 


Fact – Many Out of Hours provides ensure there is more than one clinician on a shift. There is also support from nurses and other auxiliary staff. 


Myth #2 – ‘Out of Hours doesn’t pay a lot’


Fact – This depends on a few factors, including location. Many providers offer enhanced rates over Bank Holidays and the Christmas Holidays. You can choose the amount of shifts you work per month which can also increase money in your pocket.


Myth #3 – ‘I’ll just be working overnight shifts’


Fact – Only if you choose to. There are overnight shifts available and yes, they are usually the most difficult to fill. However there are also shorter, day time shifts available. Across Out of Hours there are usually choices between 4, 6, 8 hour shifts, allowing you to choose the shifts to work around you. 


And if that isn’t enough to tempt you into Out of Hours work… 


  • There are inductions for all clinicians attending new sites, to introduce you to the base, systems and supporting staff.  


  • Take this opportunity to broaden your clinical experience – Out of Hours patients often present with acute illnesses. 


  • The Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs helps relieve the cost of your indemnity. Please visit the NHS website for more information. 


If you would like more information regarding Out of Hours work, or are interested in undertaking OOH sessions, please contact Hannah on 01792 224224 or Hannah@med-co.onyx-sites.io