Mental Health Awareness – Let Us Help You

Mental Health First Aid

With Mental Health being so prominent in the news and companies realising the benefits of delivering it to their employees, we predict this will be considered best practice in a few short years.


Mental health awareness is something that is vital to everyone.  Our course helps raise awareness of mental illness within the staff group, encourages early intervention to aid recovery, increases confidence in dealing with mental illnesses and equips staff with the skills and knowledge required to support each other and themselves.


Our Mental Health Awareness course is delivered by Helen Adam, Clinical Services Lead at Med-Co.  Helen is a trained Mental Health Nurse with clinical experience spanning Prison, IRC and MOD environments.


The course

This 3 hour course is delivered at a time and location convenient to you and your team, and covers the following crucial elements:


What is Health?

What is Mental Health?

Why Mental Health First Aid?

Attitudes to mental health issues

Listening skills

Verbal / non-verbal skills

Depression and anxiety Recovery


We encourage active participation from the group, within a safe and relaxed environment.

A certificate of attendance is given to each participant. 


Feedback from managers: 

“Helen is very approachable and puts our people at ease.”

“Very effective and enjoyable course – looking forward to continuing the partnership”

Feedback from participants:

“She was amazing” 

“Session touched on some home truths and helped”

“Great course and well presented”

“Very enjoyable and I would recommend everyone attends” 


For more information

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