What’s OOH really like?


Why Choose Out of Hours?

Out of Hours might not be the most appealing choice for some GPs, but is that a fair assessment? This is a question that some of our regular OOH GPs are going to help answer. We asked some of our clinicians why they chose to work in out of hours and what is it like. 

How is an out-of-hours session different to a GP Surgery session?

-Greater focus on the management of acutely unwell patients. Some shifts can be entirely visit based, depending on shift and staff allocation.

-More acute medicine. 

What do you enjoy about out-of-hours work?

-More acute illness, more team work especially if you are doing visits. 

-No follow up.

Do you find that access to patient history is limited in an OOH setting? Does this affect your consultation?

T-his has improved significantly over the years. Now with System One, you usually have access to the patients GP records.

-Only occasionally. 

What can I expect during my first shift in out-of-hours environment?

-Staff supportive and greater sense of team work. However, it can be busy and shifts can be long. Though one can choose shorter shifts.

-About an hour on call.

Any other useful feedback you wish you had known beforehand?

-Bring your own equipment. Unfortunately gone are the days when out of hours providers used to provide you with the tools of the trade.

-Shadowing a shift.

Out of hours can provide a change of pace from the usual 9-5, improve triage skills, provide the opportunity to work around your own hours and a choice over your shifts. There are generally choices between 4, 6 and 8 hour shifts. 

We currently cover Out of Hours across Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Peterborough, Suffolk, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

If you are interested in OOH but your area is not stated above, please still get in touch with Hannah on 01792 224 226 or Hannah@med-co.onyx-sites.io.